Village of Morley
The Trucking Capital of Michigan
Emergency Incident Reimbursement(01-2001)                     Telecom (10-02)                                             Floodplain(01-15-1)

The Michigan Vehicle Code(02-2001)                                       Parking(11-02)                                               Blight Ordinance (01-2017)

Burning(04-2001)                                                                         Ext of Term(14-05)                                         Noise Ordinance (02-2017)

Animal/Pet Control(05-2002)                                                     Civil Inf Bureau(01-08)                                  Fireworks (10-14)

Curfew for Minors(05-2002)                                                       Driveways (04-08)

Animal Excrement(06-2002)                                                      Grass & Weeds(02-08)

Appt of Clerk & Treasurer (07-2002)                                         Council Comp(12-04)                                        

Junk Ordinance(09-2002)                                                          Council Comp-Amend(12-04)

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